Becoming a Mother

April 09, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I love being pregnant....not every single part...but as a whole it is one of the most beautiful experiences.  All four of my kids are now little people, with opinions and unique personalities.  I had the privilege of carrying them for the first 9 months. 

Each time I became a mother with each of my kids, I was changed and new all over again.

“The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before.The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.” - Osho

This strong mama had her baby a few months ago.  I loved being a part of documenting this lovely part of her motherhood journey. Read through Page's thoughts on becoming a mother.  It is a sacred time of life.


"Cliches have always been corny, or so I thought, but becoming a mother made all the cliches true. It has been the hardest, yet most rewarding thing I've EVER experienced, and I've never loved anyone as much as my daughter. Becoming a mother has brought me closer to God, because the love I have for Charley is the unconditional love Christ has for us all, and up to this point I didn't know what that was like. My experience hasn't been easy, but it's has been refining. Because of the work God has done in me I have never been a better version of myself, and for that I am so grateful. Becoming a mother has made me grow into the person God has always meant for me to be, and I will always strive to be the mother Charley deserves."

Fancy in DC

April 02, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

My youngest brother in law got married last month!  So, of course we all indulged in getting super fancy for the event.  This is my sister-in- law and her cute family and I like to think sweet angel Lance was there in spirit to make it complete. 

Sam + Madeline - This was real life!

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I know I'm posting this off season but I don't really care.  Cause I went back and looked at this session from this past fall...and not to be arrogant or anything ;)  But I LOOVVVVEEEEE it!  I was the most amazing night and the sky gave us an fabulous show.    Please bless all the engagement sessions in the world come to me....cause guys, we will have so much fun.

Waking up admidst bliss and chaos..

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That's the world us moms and dads wake to- bliss and chaos.  Bliss because these amazing humans are ours to have.  Chaos because know... ;)

They started the day piled in bed.  If you don't know....that's what happens when you are a parent.  No longer are you awoken by an alarm at a time you planned. Nope, you have built-in unpredictable roosters now! 

They pile in bed, giggling so loudly in a room that was deliciously silent 5 seconds before.  Sometimes though your grumpy grogginess you force yourself to remember painfully soon, it won't be like this.  So, right now, the moment you will dream of 50 years from now is here.  Right now.  It is lovely, filling when you choose to be present.  Their cold morning feet press on your legs, and their little faces so close you can feel their eyelashes brush against your cheek. 

And some of those mornings you meet the eyes of your spouse with a look that says...these are the days.  These are the mornings we will talk about.


**Home Sweet Home Sessions are 2 hours where we document your favorite parts of family life, as it is. 

Fun activities and most importantly small moments. 

Text me to schedule 206-398-9923

The White Way of Delight

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If you don't get the title, then you are seriously missing a crutial movie in your life. This orchard is sooooo pretty and rememinds me of Anne Shirley riding in the wagon with Matthew Cuthbert when she names the Orchard "The White Way of Delight.

This session took place right after most of the blooms had gone in most of the orchard...but then you get these amazing blooms on the taller trees! There really there isn't a bad time to take pictures at this amazing place.

The Nash Family went to the same church as my husband and I during the fist few years we were married. (like 10 or so years ago) I remember the first Sunday they came to church....We lived in an area that didn't have alot of young couples, so when we saw the Nashes, we had a couple crush on them! They were fresh victims for us to force into friendship...haha is that soo creepy? (yes, yes it is) Alas, they didn't live there long, so our hearts were broken.

I was so happy when Karyn contacted me 10 years later to do this shoot! In fact, we are doing another shoot with them later this year and I am sooooo excited! I have 2 more spots left for session at this pretty orchard. Text me to get on the schedule!


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