Brianne Heiner Photography | About

I am a dreamer. 

I am a daughter, mother, wife, friend, photographer.

I dream of the perfect version of each of these things in my head,

and like all of us, I fall short.  


When I see a family, there is no perfect.  There is life. 

There is connection, movement, joy, pain, love,

longing, conflict, and unity. 

When you are old and gray,

I want you to look back on your pictures

with a tear in your eye,

feeling the identity of your family pouring out of

every captured moment.


My life is simple. 

I love to have springtime picnics with

my four children and husband. 

Late night talks curled up in bed with my hubby at night

are the happiest time of every day. 

I love chips and salsa. 

I cry about 5 separate times every time I watch

the new Cinderella because it is so beautiful. 

Every summer we travel to my favorite place in the world - my grandmothers house in Wyoming. 

I talk to my mom nearly everyday. 

My siblings are my best friends. 

I long for deep friendships. 

I am trying to live a intentionally meaningful life.  

I aspire to be better...but I also love who I am now.


I will create art showcasing the beauty of your life-

there is beauty in the light- the easy happy things....

but almost more importantly- 

the loveliness of  what makes you who you are is all the way deep down in the hidden corners-

That is the stuff of  meaning that will be important to you and your children.  

I want to create art that matters.  Matters to me...

but more you.